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Presenter Time Codes

Time codes of presenters can be obtained HERE.

Presenter Information

Including introduction and question-and-answer period, lecture presentations are allotted 18 minutes, keynote lectures are allotted 30 minutes, and plenary lectures are allotted 45 minutes. To ensure a perfect synchronization between the 13 parallel session, Chairs are to strictly enforce that each presentation starts and finishes promptly at the time given in the schedule. All speakers are requested to contact their session chair at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. For speakers wishing to practice their presentations, room 254 on the second floor of the Holiday Inn Select has been reserved. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the door. In consideration of others, please limit practice to 20-minute increments.

Audio-Visual Information

Each of the session rooms will have one computer projector (LCD), one screen, and one PC laptop with a Windows XP operating system and basic PowerPoint capability. A handful of overhead projectors will also be available by request only. Though laptops are provided for the attendees usage, it is the presenters responsibility to ensure that their presentations can be displayed properly before their scheduled time slot. As a backup, presenters planning to use the computer projectors should also come prepared to give their presentation by some other means, e.g., overhead projector, in case of any technical difficulties. Special requirement requests regarding audio-visual are to be directed to the conference registration desk the day prior to the presentation. Equipment technicians are attending the conference and will be able to assist with any technical difficulties that may arise.

Optional Short Paper Submission Guidelines
(Short paper submission is closed!)

Welcome to the McMat2005 short paper guideline site! The deadline for short-paper submission has passed .

This section is for authors who have been invited to submit short papers created from the work they will be presenting at the McMat2005 conference. Note that these papers are entirely optional!

participating sessions

Only authors whose abstracts have been accepted for participation in this conference are allowed to submit short papers, and pre-registration before or on May 1st is required for publication of abstract/paper in proceedings. Papers that do not have a pre-registered presenter will not be included in the proceedings or technical program.

The maximum paper length is 6 pages

Papers must be formatted according to Instructions #1, #2, and #3 of the ASME formatting guidelines.

ASME formatting guidelines and templates

Note the following:

  1. Conference Abbreviation = McMat2005

  2. Conference Name = 2005 Joint ASME/ASCE/SES Conference on Mechanics and Materials

  3. Conference Date and Location = June 1 - 3, 2005, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

  4. Remove "Copyright © #### by ASME" from the footer


an example paper

Name your PDF file as "TOPICID_ABSTRACTID_AUTHOR1LASTNAME.pdf". For example, "127_349_Dorgan.pdf". The TOPICID is the number of the symposium your abstract is associated with, and the ABSTRACTID is the abstract number, not the page #.

for the list of abstracts
 with Abstract ID and Topic ID

Send your PDF file attached to a blank email with the subject of your email "McMat2005 Short Paper Submission" to

Again, the deadline for short-paper submission is March 31st, 2005.



Abstract Submission Guidelines 
(Abstract submission is closed!)

The deadline for abstract submission has past.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of about 300 words in length (in English) to any of the conference sessions or conference topics. Abstracts may be submitted on-line by clicking the link below:

Abstract Submission Web Site

For questions about abstract submission, please use the following email address:

The abstract should include at the top of the page the title, author's name(s), mailing address, email addresses, and the phone and fax numbers of the authors.

The deadline for abstract submission is December 31st, 2004.